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The Treasure -- Sloan McBride
The Treasure

Available Now
The Fury
The Fury

Dangerous Heat -- Sloan McBride
Dangerous Heat


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The Fury "...This entertaining story mixes ancient myth and legend
with contemporary life, turns old concepts of Babylonian and
Sumerian cultures and history on its ear..."
Mystical Nymph from Literary Nymph Reviewers

This site is a link to the characters and stories in my mind. You'll walk among mystical beings, roam through adventures with to-die-for heroes, and take a step back or forward in time. The stories are fast-paced journeys of romance with a touch of paranormal and the otherworldly. So protect your heart for it may be lost to one of my Time Walkers.




I have been invited to give a workshop on audiobooks for the Las Vegas Romance Writers of America Chapter in April 2018. We are busy right now comparing notes.  The workshop is available to both RWA members and non-members.  So if you're curious about audiobooks and their place in the fiction world, come join us.  Here is the link to sign up:  The Wonderful World of Audiobooks.

The time with the narrators is done, and Dangerous Heat and The Treasure audiobooks will be released very soon.  I'm excited to release these novels in another format.   


Lastly, I have started an editing/formatting/proofreading business at World of Dreams Publishing, LLC.  If you are a writer, educator, or student in need of these services, please give us a chance to prove we can help you help make your project shine.

Please keep visiting for more information down the road.  Join my newsletter and my blog for more information. I've been putting up blog posts about the writing adventure.

Happy Reading!!!!!




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