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Rae Monet , Webmistress -- Rae Monet, Inc. Design

Rae Monet started as a writer over a decade ago. Eventually her journey took her into website design. Let's learn a little more about her and the design business.




1)      Did you start out as a webmistress or a writer?

I’d say a writer, but I always had a visual mind--even as a writer. Readers used to comment how my books should be made into movies.

2)      What made you further pursue and grow your website business?

I saw a very big hole in the industry, other design business charging way too much money for author websites. As a starving writer, I wanted to offer quality websites at a decent price.

3)      Do you still write?

No, not really.

4)      What do you like most about your job?

Flexibility and a creative outlet.

5)      What is the biggest mistake/problem you see with new author websites?

Authors spending way too much money for what they get and end up with a poor product that's not well maintained.

6)      What do you look for in a client?

Someone who connects with Rae Monet, Inc. Designs.

7)      Did you have to take classes to learn how to design websites or did the ability just come naturally?

Definitely, classes and continuing education!

8)      Do you attend conferences to promote your business?

Not really, the time isn’t there for that.

9)      What are your hopes for 2010?

Continue to grow with new clients.

Thank you Rae for giving us an interview. You can visit Rae on her website at Rae Monet, Inc.

Sloan McBride