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Moxy Reviews

The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts

Ryder Montgomery is the oldest and probably most ornery of the brothers.  He’s rough and unpolished, but a hard worker.  He likes getting his hands dirty and is not afraid to throw a punch if the occasion calls for it.  He’d proud of the work they’ve done to get Inn Boonsboro back on the map, but is not sure the new manager is right for this job.

Hope Beaumont is Avery’s college friend and is ready to relocate.  The manager job for the Inn Boonsboro opens up and she can’t resist the opportunity to get away from the D.C. hotel she’s been managing even though she’s uncertain after meeting with the Montgomery brothers, especially Ryder.  Still she is herded into the job by Justine Montgomery and moves in.

The two are like vinegar and water, and I love their interactions—possibly because it’s kind of like my own love life—but that’s not the point.  Anyway, it’s sweet how he stands up for her when a man from the past makes an appearance, and how she tries to tame him a bit.

Again, I love the family and how they deal with things.  I love how the brothers deal with each other as well and the strong bond between them.  Add in the strong-willed, determined women and you have an entertaining read for all three books.

It gets a 10+ on the McBride Moxy Meter

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The Last BoyfriendThe Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts

Owen Montgomery is the driving force behind the Montgomery construction business.  He is organized, always on-time, always professional, and has a list for everything.  He’s focused on the remodel for the Inn Boonsboro, except when Avery comes around.

Avery McTavish owns the pizzeria across the street from the Inn and comes around with coffees and to get a tour of the Inn on a regular basis.  She’s anxious for the renovation and all the people it will bring.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Owen is onsite all the time.  They grew up together.  He was her first boyfriend.

The ghost in the Inn helps the budding romance along.  That brings the paranormal into it, and makes the participants a bit nervous…LOL

I can’t express how much I enjoy these brothers.  I definitely feel close to them and love every minute I spend with them.  It takes me to Boonsboro for a while.  I’ve even considered actually taking a trip up to Maryland to stay at the Inn and check out the bookstore.

It gets a 10+ on the McBride Moxy Meter

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thenextalwaysThe Next Always by Nora Roberts

I guess I will start by saying that this is another wonderful trilogy by Nora Roberts, and I’m not a bit surprised.  I love most everything that Ms. Roberts writes, as I’m sure all her fans do.

The Next Always is Book One in the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy.  The town of Boonsboro, Maryland’s historical Inn is being refurbished and renewed by the Montgomery brothers – Ryder, Owen, and Beckett.  They are contractors who have taken an unusual interest in the rehabbing of this small town.  On Main Street sits the Town Hall, the Inn Boonsboro, Vesta Pizzeria, and Turn the Page Bookstore. 

If you pay attention to Nora Roberts and her life, you will know that Turn the Page bookstore is a real place owned and started by Ms. Roberts.  The Inn Boonsboro is also a real place.  This trilogy is about the “facelift” these places in the town received, and I believe you will see some similarities to Nora Roberts and her family as well.

Beckett Montgomery is an architect and the youngest of the Montgomery brothers.  Remodeling the Inn has become a huge event, and he’s drawn to the place by the fabulous history, and the ghost within.  The Inn is not the only thing that draws his interest.  An old friend from high school has returned and old memories have returned too.  He would like to get to know the new Clare—well.

Clare Brewster returns home after her military husband’s death, dragging her three sons along.  Determined to make a new life for them in a familiar place, Clare gets a job as manager of Turn the Page Bookstore.  She focuses on doing a good job for Justine Montgomery—matriarch of the Montgomery clan and owner of the bookstore.  She certainly hadn’t planned a new relationship.

The story is a mixture of family, mysteries, and juicy love scenes—all the things I anticipate in a Nora Roberts’ novel.  As we watch the town come to life again and the love blossoming for the Montgomery boys, we enjoy the family bond.  The paranormal makes its appearance with the ghost, and the story behind her being there is an interesting one.

I also love the fact that there is a map on the inside flap of each book.  

It gets a 10+ on the McBride Moxy Meter

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time untimeTime Untime by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Ren Waya—in another life—had allowed his thoughts to be controlled by The Grizzly Spirit and had paid the ultimate price—death.  Betrayed by his brother.

The Goddess Artemis brought him back, gave him a second chance.  As a dark hunter he is tasked with protective the world from daemons, who prey on human souls.  In his human life he’d been hurt by so many people that should have loved him that in this life he keeps to himself.

The playful Kateri has a somewhat normal life if you call dreams filled with images of places she’s never been and a man she’s never met normal.  She doesn’t believe in the supernatural.  One night said man kicks in her door.  Now she’s in the middle of a battle between two brothers—one good, one evil—and is running for her life in another realm.

It’s an interesting story full of mythology.  If you’re a dark hunter fan you’ll recognize some of the people helping Ren and Teri.

It gets an 8 on the McBride Moxy Meter.

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Eternal Rider by Larissa IoneEternal Rider by Larissa Ione

This is the first book in the Demonica/Lords of Deliverance Series.  The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have a destiny.  Born of evil and good, the entire world and all its realms rest upon their shoulders.

Ares—War—was separated from his siblings as a baby and raised by a human family.  He had no idea of his true origin until his sister Limos (another horseman) escapes from Sheoul, finds her brothers, and tells them the truth.  It doesn’t go well.  Now he fights his true nature everyday to prevent his seal from breaking.  He’s searching for his agimortis—the trigger to break his seal—and finds more than he bargained for.

Cara Thornhart‘s life is in turmoil because of a previous attack.  She could not anticipate how her life would change yet again when she answers the door.  A dog has been hit by a car and shot.  She’s a veterinarian so she won’t turn her back on the injured animal.  After pulling the bullet out of the beast, men break into her office trying to end the poor thing.  But Hal (the dog) fights back.  A bright light appears along with a gorgeous angelic person who takes Hal and disappears.  She sets out to find Hal because she can feel him calling.  She finds Ares instead.

I love the characters in this series. They are a family—dysfunctional—but family nonetheless.  They’ve had it a bit rough with the whole end of the world thing hanging over them, but they are trying to make the best of it.

I absolutely love Larissa Ione.  She is a creative thinker that suspends reality and that helps me get through my days.  She needs to write faster because I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

It gets a 10 on the McBride Moxy Meter

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Dangerous Games by Lora LeighDangerous Games by Lora Leigh

Although this is an older book (2006), Lora Leigh delivers an exciting, suspenseful tale.

Client “Iceman” McIntyre is a sexy, determined Navy Seal who is good at his job.  After tearing apart an infamous drug cartel he’s home for some R&R.  While there he checks on his best friend’s little sister like he’s always done.  The problem is Morgana Chavez is not so little anymore.  From a very young age she’d watched him with a hunger.  His common sense deserted him when she was 18 and he kissed her before leaving for the Navy.  Big mistake!  He can’t get that day out of his system.  When her brother isn’t around, he’s her protector and he won’t break that trust with Reno Chavez.

Morgana had always had her sights on Clint McIntyre, but he brushed her aside every time.  Well she grew up and got sick and tired of waiting on Clint to come around to her way of thinking.  Not to mention, she’s tired of being “protected.” She went to college and now works for the DEA which puts her in dangerous situations.  She’s on a case concerning a date rape drug, so she frequents certain night life establishments.  Clint finds her one night and all hell breaks loose because she can’t resist teasing him, and he can’t resist proving a point.
This story is entertaining and hot.  I highly recommend this book and series.

It gets a 9 on the McBride Moxy Meter
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Caressed by Ice by Nalini SinghCaressed by Ice by Nalini Singh

The Psy/Changling Series is inventive, and exciting.  A breath of fresh air for those of us who love the paranormal. 

Judd Lauren was/is an Arrow, an elite soldier called upon to do unspeakable things.  In the Psy world of Silence the feelings of emotion are conditioned out of the person.  To protect his family and his own sanity, Judd and his brother and sister escape.  The SnowDancer pack allowed them sanctuary.  In turn, he performs various duties for the alpha.  He keeps to the conditioning until he meets Brenna.

Brenna Kincaid went about her day participating in pack chores and activities like all young females.  That was before she was abducted, and a Psy serial killer invaded and unlayered her mind.  Did he leave something evil behind?  Could she become a killer?  These are fears she harbors.  She turns to Judd because with his past he is better equipped to understand what she’s going through.  Desire burns just under the skin and her wolf wants to pounce.

It gets a 9 on the McBride Moxy Meter
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Lethal Rider by Larissa IoneLethal Rider

In book three of the Demonica/Lords of Deliverance Series, Thanatos, the most deadly of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, is seduced one night by an Aegis Guardian.  Thousands of years of celibacy to prevent the end of days (prophecy stuff) has gone down with flaming desire and a little drugging.

Demon-slayer Regan Matthews is convinced by the Aegis that seducing Than and bearing his child means the fate of the world.  She agrees to offer herself up to the task, and boy does she.  The Aegis keep her hidden afterward, and I won’t even go into what Limos and Ares have done to their brother in the name of saving the world.

The characters draw you into the world or end thereof.  It is wickedly creative, and exciting, and touching at times.  You see the weight the four have to bear on their shoulders, and how they deal with it.  Luckily they have friends to help.
OUTSTANDING.  I can’t say enough about this series or the author.  I absolutely love her creative mind which shines through in each and every book.  I can’t wait to see what she does next.

It gets a 10 on the McBride Moxy Meter

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Thrill Ride by Julie Ann WalkerThrill Ride by Julie Ann Walker

This is another exciting Black Knights, Inc. novel.

Richard “Rock” Babineaux is ex-Navy Seal, founding member of Black Knights, Inc. (BKI) and missing.  He has been officially classified as a ‘rogue operator’ suspected of killing several Americans.  No one at BKI believes the damning evidence in the file they’ve been handed, but they had to be careful. They needed to find Rock before anyone else.

Vanessa Cordero had started working with BKI as a communications specialist. Rock Babineaux, the Cajun hottie, had grabbed her attention from day one.  He’d made it clear early on that if she wanted to mess up the sheets with his sexy ass, he was ready, but anything more was out of bounds.  Putting that all aside, she was the first to volunteer to go into the jungles of Costa Rica to help find him.  The Cajun born man was an expert at disappearing, and living off the land, which made it extremely difficult to find him. 

This is another series that I love to love.  The characters are rich, and likeable.  You want to cheer them on, and growl at the level of BS they deal with on a regular basis.  Still, they take it in stride.  If you like hot, sexy men any which way, you will like this series.

It gets a 10 on the McBride Moxy Meter.

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Live to See Tomorrow by Iris JohansenLive to See Tomorrow

Catherine grew up on the streets of Hong Kong.  She was a seller of information until at the age of 14, she was recruited by the CIA.  There are two things Catherine loves…her son, Luke, and Hu Chang, her mentor.When Luke was two years old, he was kidnapped.  It took nine years for Catherine to get him back, and she’s trying to build a relationship.  Her plan is to take time off to spend with Luke and Hu Chang until she learns about Erin Sullivan, an American journalist with ties to Hu Chang who’sbeen kidnapped in Tibet.  She fears Hu Chang will take off to try and save the woman, so she accepts the assignment from her CIA handler.  Hu Chang is upset that she learned of the venture, and Luke is upset because she will not allow him to accompany her.

In Tibet, she frees Erin from the castle compound, where she’s been tortured for information.  That is only the beginning of their ordeal.  The ruthless leader is attempting to get information on a certain someone.  Catherine likes to hold all the cards to do her job effectively.  She tries to find out more information about this someone from Erin, but her lips are sealed.

In comes Richard Cameron via Catherine’s dreams.  He tells her he is there to help them, and she’s ticked that he didn’t help Erin to begin with.  This starts a long, enduring relationship from Tibet to San Francisco with Kadmus on their tail.  Cameron is intrigued by Catherine and wants her.  She does not trust him, although the chemistry and attraction is there. He is powerful, alluring, and has some interesting abilities.He must earn her trust. 

There is a lot more to this story (i.e. when Luke and Hu Chang show up in Tibet, and Luke meets Cameron).  It is action-packed, and the characters are very likeable.  I am happy to see people previously introduced inthe Eve Duncan novels.  Catherine is strong, capable, and deadly when she needs to be.  She protects what is special to her, including her heart.

It seems I absolutely love everything Iris Johansen writes.  I’ve been reading her books for years and they always deliver an exciting story.

It gets a 9.5 on the McBride Moxy Meter.

Find out more about this author’s books at:


Desire Unchained by Larissa IoneDesire Unchained by Larissa Ione

In book two of the Demonica/Lords of Deliverance Series, Shade who is a paramedic for Underworld General, goes on an ambulance run and wakes up in a cell.  His insane brother, Roag, has come back from the dead and is planning to unhinge the world. 

Chained with Shade in the dungeon is Runa Wagner.  She was in love with Shade in another life (i.e. a couple of years ago) until she found him having sex with other women.  This sent her running from the building and straight into a disaster of biblical proportion.  She wanted to hate him, but she still loved him and no she was bound to him.

Shade never thought he’d again see the beautiful human who’d stole his heart and made him rethink his life.  But she was no longer human, but a werewolf.  Obviously, something had happened and it would definitely make their situation worse.  His insane brother casts a spell that bonds them together as lifemates which was not on Shade’s agenda.  Now he must fight with her and protect her.

AWESOME read.  I love, love, love this series.

It gets a 10 on the McBride Moxy Meter

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Pleasure Unbound by Larissa IonePleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione

This is book one in the Demonica/Lords of Deliverance Series.  (I love this series title.)

Seminus demons are a form of incubi and are male.  They appear as attractive humans, have sexual pheromones that can unhinge the most avowed female.  Who knew they could be so much more.

Tayla Mancuso is an Aegis slayer, enemy to all demons.  She loves her job.  She dresses in red leather and comes fully armed to any battle.  After one such battle that went awry she lands in Underworld General, a demon hospital run by Eidolon. 

Eidolon is stunned to have a humanoid female in his hospital. His brother Wraith wants to take her outside and dispose of her, but he would not allow it.  After suturing her and taking care of his other duties, Eidolon returns to check on Tayla.  He is examining her sutures when she awakens in what she thinks is a dream. (Wraith had put it in her head.)  Her sexual need is explosive and she wants him.  He tries to reason with her, to get her to wake up, to get her to stop, but he is a Seminus demon after all, and that goes against his nature.
This couple have their own “demons” (forgive the pun).  Tayla hungers for sexual pleasure, but never gets it.  Eidolon makes her burn with desire and that conflicts with her job.  She will have to betray the sexy doctor to keep her loyalty from being questioned.

Eidolon is conflicted.  Tayla is his enemy, but she is intriguing, and could answer questions he seeks.  Not to mention the redhead makes him crazy.  His brothers are questioning his sanity for keeping her alive and taking her home. 

This is another new favorite series for me.  I love the development of the characters.  I love the three demon brothers, and I love Underworld General. 

It gets a 10 on the McBride Moxy Meter.
Check out more of this author’s books at:


Inferno by Sherrilyn KenyonInferno by Sherrilyn Kenyon
This is book four in the Chronicles of Nick Series and it’s as gripping as book one.  If you are a Dark-Hunter fan, and you have been keeping up over the years then you know all about Nick Gautier.

The Chronicles of Nick is the beginning of the tale when Nick was a teenager in high school where he thought the hardest things to deal with were other teenagers and getting through his classes.  Unfortunately, not in his world.  He works for Kyrian, the Dark-Hunter, and that job opened his eyes to another world that is all around us but no one can see.  Nick learns that those things that go bump in the night can eat you.  He has all manner of things out to kill him and he doesn’t have his driver’s license yet.

In this round he finds out that the girl of his dreams may be an assassin sent to kill him.  His best friend may become his slave, his father escapes from prison and kidnaps his mom, and the only hope for humanity and the world is him.  That’s a lot for a sixteen-year-old to handle.  If he fails, the world is lost.

It gets a 10 on the McBride Moxy Meter.
Check out more of this author’s books at:

Covet by J.R. WardCovet By J.R. Ward
This is book one of a new series by Ms. Ward and it looks to be another series I won’t be able to put down.  We go from a redeemable vampire race with the Black Dagger Brotherhood to a Fallen Angel.  Talk about huge leap of the winged variety. 

Covet is the story of Jim Heron, a man whose past is rather violent and sinful.  In some town where he’s working construction, he hangs with a couple of other construction workers with rad motorcycles.  One evening at a bar after work, Jim encounters a woman.  Yes, a woman.  This leads to an event which stops his heart and delivering him to the Pearly Gates, or should I say a golf course.  (Did I mention it has some comedy?)  He meets some unusual angels who give him a mission.

The mission is to save seven people from the seven deadly sins.  The problem (you know there always is one), both he and the “other side” are after the same goal.  This adds the suspense and danger element. 

I enjoyed the book.  It is an interesting concept and as usual, Ms. Ward does a stellar job of bringing you the story. 

It gets a 9 on the McBride Moxy Meter.
Check out more of this author’s books at:

Atlantis Unmasked by Alyssa DayAtlantis Unmasked by Alyssa Day
It was no surprise that I loved the book.  Her Warriors of Poseidon books are adventurous, action-packed, and mystical.  Atlantis Unmasked is the story about Alexios, one of the seven sworn to serve and protect the ruler of Atlantis.  He helps the humans protect against the scourge that is Anubisa, the vampiress who scares everyone, even her own species.  Alexios was captured and held by Anubisa and tortured for two years before she released him.  He is sent by the Prince Conlan on a dangerous mission to find the Vampire’s Bane.

Grace Havilland is a descendant of Diana and with her bow her aim is always true.  She fights with the rebellion against the otherworldly creatures trying to take over the world, and for the humans who don’t understand that they are losing the war.

Together they take a stand to fight and hunt down the Vampire’s Bane along with trying to find out what Vonos (vamp), the newly appointed Primator is planning.  With the help of some human friends, shapeshifters, and much to their surprise the Fae, Grace and Alexios jump into the fight.  The difficulties come when both realize they have feelings for each other and the denials begin. 

I have read several of Ms. Day’s Warriors of Poseidon books and enjoy them all. 

It gets a 9 on the McBride Moxy Meter.
Check out more of this author’s books at:

Bad Moon Rising by Sherrilyn KenyonDescription: badmoonrising
Imagine being born into a life where you fight for your life against your natural enemies but against those in your pack as well.  Where the only salvation you have is the brother who guards your back and the sister who gives you hope.

Meet Fang Kattalakis, a fierce Katagaria were-hunter belonging to a pack run by his father who hates him.  He can shift between human and wolf.  His brother Vane is the only one he can trust. 

Aimee Peltier is from a Katagaria Bear Clan.  The family runs Sanctuary, a place where all are welcome to come and mingle, but no fighting is allowed.  Wolves and bears don’t mix, or do they?

By a cruel twist of fate, Fang is severely wounded by blood sucking Daimons and goes into a coma and his soul is lost in some kind of hell. Aimee pulls him out and they begin a journey that both realize is impossible.

I have always loved Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books from the very first one I read to all the others that followed.  Bad Moon Rising does not disappoint.  The characters and the cultures are rich and carefully developed to give the reader a story that keeps them turning pages.

I give this an 8 on the McBride Moxy Meter.
Check out more of this author’s books at:

Lover Avenged by J.R. WardLover Avenged by J.R. Ward

In another all but obvious way my to be read list shows that I, Melanie and AJ (my critique partners) read different stuff.  Melanie read a funny, laugh-out-loud story, AJ read suspense, and I read Lover Avenged a sizzling, dark romance.  This is book seven in the Black Dagger Brotherhood novels by J.R. Ward.

I believe Rehvenge is the one person who has the most to lose and the most to gain out of all the stories and he is not of the Brotherhood.  He hides a devastating secret not only from his family, but also from two different races, to protect the ones he loves.

In this story, one compassionate nurse with problems of her own breaches his defenses and makes him long for a life he’s sure he can never have.  Ehlena’s goodness brings him light.  Their journey is filled with pain, anger, uncertainty, noble actions, and love. 

J.R. Ward’s novels are among the best I’ve ever read (IMHO).  The undead heroes are to die for and the heroines are strong in their own right.  The sex scenes are incredible as well with a mixture of passion, desire and kinky.  (Where’s my fan!)

I give this one a 10 on the McBride Moxy Meter.
Check out more of this author’s books at:

Stay the Night by Lynn ViehlNight

This is a Darkyn novel, one of many in the series.  I rush to get them every time a new one comes out.  The Darkyn are vampires but not in the relative sense.  They are something different…more.  Steeped in ancient ritual they attempt to survive in current times without being detected. 

In Stay the Night, the reader is introduced to Robin of Locksley.  Yes, THE Robin of Locksley.  Ever the thief, Robin has spent the last 700 years stealing priceless works of art.  In this story, he’s after ‘Maiden’s Book of Hours,’ the words of his beloved Marian.  He never planned on the problems he encounters, with not only the beautiful federal agent Chris Renshaw, but also his archenemy Nottingham. 

This story is wholly entertaining giving you a brush of legend mixed with vengeance, greed, love and sacrifice.  The characters are enjoyable and memorable.  I can’t wait for the next.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that when you have men who have lived for hundreds of years, their sexual appetite is not only fierce but also infinitely pleasurable.

Be still my heart!

It gets an 8 on McBride's Moxy Meter.
Check out more of this author’s books at:

Unleashing the Storm by Sydney CroftUnleashing the Storm

This is the second book by this duo and I love it.  The books involve people who belong to ACRO, Agency for Covert Rare Operatives dealing in Special Ops of a different kind.  Being a paranormal writer myself, I get into this subject.  ~he he~

Ender is a Delta Force warrior on a retrieval mission for ACRO.  He’s upset because normally he isn’t sent in for these kinds of missions.  He kills people and he likes it that way, but Dev, the leader of ACRO has asked him to go. 

Kira is an animal whisperer and on the run her entire life.  Not only does her special ability let her speak with and understand the animals, but it also sends her into a heat cycle.  This unusual phenomenon creates a need for sex every four hours and she wears men out.  (Oh to have that ability!)

Ender shows up to protect her from ITOR, the rival agency, who doesn’t exactly train and utilize their operatives in a positive way.  Her cycle kicks in and Ender steps up to keep her serviced while also trying to save her life.  Sex has never been a problem for him, but this assignment challenges him, in more ways than one

This book, like the first, is an exciting ride from start to finish.  The characters are ones you root for and pray win in the end.  I love their quirks, their abilities, and their tortured hearts and bodies.  Torturing characters is one of my favorite things…Ha! 

My recommendation is that if you love gorgeous, awesome men and independent, stubborn women who don’t take crap from anyone, you will love this book. 

P.S.  The incredible sex scenes don’t hurt either…..Woof!

It gets a 10 on the McBride Moxy Meter.
Check out more of this author’s books at:

Old Sins, Long Shadows by P.G. ForteOld Sins, Long Shadows by P.G. Forte

Eternal life sucked most days.  Solitude would be smart, but as sire to his own undead family, solitude was beyond Conrad's reach.

In truth, he had a life-mate, Damian.  In a weakened state and unable to control the beast, Conrad inflicted permanent scars on Damian's body and irrevocable damage to his own soul.

The twins, Marc & Julie, conceived in a cloud of mystery are the heir apparent in Conrad's family.  Someone has placed a target on them, and is attempting to do harm.

This is Book 2 in the Children of the Night Series by P.G. Forte. You enter a vampire world much like the society in the early 1900s.

I found the book intriguing and interesting.  It has an old world feel, as ancient vampires would, and I enjoyed the story.

It gets a 6 on the McBride Moxy Meter.
Check out more of this author's books at:

Clandestine by Denise A. AgnewClandestine by Denise A. Agnew

What does an elven hybrid, a great evil being, and an SIA agent have in common?  Dorcas "Dorky" Shananigan, a beautiful woman with secrets that could end the world.  Her job with the agency is to provide information on paranormal activity to help bring the agents home safely.  One agent in particular, Grey O'Toole, leaves her longing for things to be different, even though she's never met him.

Grey is a great agent, one of the best, who believes he's seen it all in the course of his job. When he's called in for a new assignment things get dicey.  First and foremost, he will finally get to meet Dorky.  Her sexy voice has kept him up many nights with a need that grows hotter and more intense.  This journey brings vicious Realm Guardians who are deadly, strange friendships, and ancient stories that come to life.  Not to mention spending precious time with Dorky, who is everything he'd ever dreamed and more.

Come along on the travels to another realm and see beauties, the terror, and the triumph.

Denise is an Ellora's Cave Bad Girl.  Well done!!!!
It gets a 6 on the McBride Moxy Meter.

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